Privacy respecting video conferencing

Dear Senfcall users,

the year 2022 has come to an end. Last year was a quieter year for Senfcall compared to the previous ones. In this post we would like to give you a review of our successes and garnish this with numbers.

This year, the work at and for Senfcall has leveled off and there were hardly any major challenges to overcome. A few of our servers have been cancelled by us, as the numbers of users have stabilized with a maximum between 300 and 500 users per day. In the winter we have seen a slight increase in users and account requests, which is probably seasonal.

In total, over €1,500 was donated to us last year. Thank you very much! We will be able to run Senfcall for over a year with this money if monthly costs remain the same. Our expenses in 2022 total about 5,500€. Most of the expenses were for the rental costs of the servers. Smaller costs were for the provision of the telephone dial-up and the domain.

Due to the great willingness to donate in the year before last, we do not need any more donations for the foreseeable future. Therefore, we would like your donations to go to other projects that urgently need them now. We already have a list of projects - which in our opinion - can both put donations to good use and make good use of them.

In addition to the service available publicly through the website, we also offer accounts to create permanent spaces upon request. Over 13,000 people have registered for this so far.

Since last year, we have been offering non-profit organizations the integration of Senfcall videoconferencing into their own systems, including data processing agreements (DPAs). Feel free to check out our help page for info on this. By now, more than 40 non-profit organizations have received an DPA from us.

That was a little insight into the mustard behind the scenes.

We wish you all a spicy new year!
Yours, The Senfcall team