Privacy respecting video conferencing

Dear Senfcall users,

things have gone very quiet around Senfcall in recent months.

Senfcall was created as a project mainly by students. In the meantime, many of us have gone to work. This means we can no longer organize our time freely and have less time overall for voluntary projects like Senfcall. As a result, we sometimes no longer answered support requests and did not install updates promptly. We would like to apologize for this.

As this does not meet our expectations of ourselves and the project, we will reduce the effort for us as much as possible. We will try to continue to operate Senfcall with restrictions for the time being. The restrictions could be as follows:

  • Focus on security updates. In future, we will only install function updates on an irregular basis.
  • Less/no more e-mail support.
  • Less/no support and less activity on Mastodon.
  • Reduced functionality, especially "gimmicks" such as additional preset background images for the cameras. In the meantime, however, a feature was added, that allows each user to upload their own backgrounds.

We will continue to operate other functions for the time being, but restrictions are also possible here in the future.

But there is also good news! We have now purchased our own servers, which are located in a friendly data center, so that our future monthly costs will be significantly lower. Our BigBlueButton servers are now running with 2* Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6148 CPU @ 2.40GHz, 64GB RAM and 10G uplink each.

We are very sorry that we cannot continue to operate Senfcall with the same range of functions. We hope that you can understand this, as this is a purely voluntary project.

In order to be able to continue running Senfcall for as long as possible, you can help us! If you are familiar with BigBlueButton and/or Ansible and would like to support us, please write to us. With an expansion of our team, we would be able to keep Senfcall going for a long time to come.

We hope for your understanding and wish you all the best <3
Your Senfcall team